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We are very honored and grateful to the following people for making a donation to Trevor's Memorial Fund: Gary and Kim Hodne

Bob and Suzy LaForge
Bob and Suzy Matching Gift from Apache Corp

Eleanor and Ward Harrigan

Kevin and Lisa Talley

Stuart and Barb Strife
Stuart and Barb Strife matching gift from Anadarko Petroleum

In Honor of Jamie and Steve Koerner

In Honor of Stan Hodne and in Memory of Ann Hodne

Beverly Lindahl

Maria and Kevin McEvoy

Mary and Steven Held

Lora and Michael Beattie

Deb and John Farrell

Melissa and Peter Morse
Melisa and Peter Morse matching gift from Chevron Corp.

Matt and Sue Goldasich
Matt and Sue Goldasich matching gift from Chevron Phillips

Willard and Harriet Gabel

Barb and Dave Allis

Pam and Bradley Martens

Dave and Eileen Yeates
Dave and Eileen yeates matching gift from Apache Corporation

Kevin McSherry

Mary Jane Patrone and Skip Pile

Pam and Bradley Martins

Greg and Dolores Nisito

Jeanne and John Gibson

Louise and Gary Smith

Kerry and Paul Baerman

Mary and Daniel Tarkington

Joseph and Julie Short

Karla and Charles Lewis

Sherry and Steve Patterson

Sister Eileen Harrigan

Kristin and Ed Matthews

Dawn and Bill Jacobs

Frank and Renee Bellavia
Frank and Renee Bellavia matching gift from SC Johnson Fund, Inc.

Janice and Kenneth Brown

Kelley and David Tobin

Jean and John Ferguson

Sara and Toby Maguire

Marjorie and Phil Craighead

Martin B. Fisher, M.D.

Mary and Ed Lane

Darrell and Janice Keller

Rosemary and Gary White

Sybil and Roger Rabb

Claude Rickey

Vicky Pafk

Jim and Nancy Folcik
Jim and Nancy Folcik matching gift from EOG Resources

Dr. Mary Becerril - DBU

J.W. Sifford

June and Richard Lee

Karen and John Boddy

Maureen Hance

Patricia and Ken Lepper

Rose and Walter Kennedy

Sharon and Brian Clair

Susan and Arthur Crum

Tracey and Brian Kelly

Debbie and Ed Gayowski

Lillian Reich and Carolyn Cochrane

Ma'Lisa and Travis Mann

Michele Cole

Ileana and Natasha Turcinovic

Mary and Bruce Beckham

Janet and Stan Glasofer

Karen and Kent Levihn